#doag2016 and we are presenting!!

Portrix Systems will be at #doag2016… and we will be presenting too!! Each day of the conference, members of the Portrix Systems staff will be active!

On Tuesday

Together with Sabine Heimsath, I will host the #DBADev unconference session. In this session we will discuss the gap that exists between DBA’s and Developers. A serious subject, which is addressed with a smile.
Please join in on Tuesday at 14:00 as we are looking forward to an animated discussion.

On Wednesday

Oracle ACE Director Björn Rost and myself will have the chance to share the story of a complicated migration / move / change. Under the title “Bad boys of Replication” we will share the stories of this project, the things we did and the things we did not… Why we did the things we did and why we did not do the things we left out.

Wednesday at 16:00 in room Tokio

On Thursday

Oliver Limberg and I will present “Saving lives at sea!”, a compelling story about vessels, containers, storm and disaster. How do we support preventing this and what did we need to do! With a pressing deadline, using state-of-the-art technology, we were able to meet fierce demands.

Thursday at 15:00 in room Kiew

On Friday

Actually not completely fair! On Friday we support the DOAG APEX Hackathlon. But it is only accessible for Students that have enlisted for the DOAG Schulungstag.

Nevertheless an interesting happening!!

Please come and find us at DOAG 2016 at the NCC in Nuremberg!!

First ever APEX Hackathlon at #doag2016

It al started with an idea I picked up at Cebit 2016.
There was this big event where students from all over the world joined together in an event where they coded in a race towards fortune and fame. At least, this was how it was presented…

schermafbeelding-2016-10-18-om-11-39-44What they can do, we also can do… And in the end perhaps even make it bigger and better!! With Oracle APEX: #letswreckthistogether !
But, let’s at least begin, and so we did. Continue reading

Quick look inside linux ‘top’ for APEX

Imagine… you’re a SysAdmin…
Imagine… you’re “terminal schooled”…
And you are running Oracle Application Express

You want to be able to support your APEX-team by helping them diagnose performance-related issues, but all you have is good, old ‘top‘ to get you some insight… Continue reading