Rad am Ring 2013

Last September the portrix crew participated in the Rad am Ring bike challenge after being invited by our data centre provider, the Equinix Inc. The goal was to drive as many laps as possible in 24 hours around the german formular one GP race track, the Nuerburgring and it´s former historical pendant, the most famous Nordschleife. Each lap would let us give a donation to the Projekt Schmetterling e.V. foundation which helps people suffering from cancer to cope with their burden.

There were 16 miles of roller-coaster bike action switching between steep hills to climb and prone slopes often droping into fierce hairpin turns which had to be mastered to finish one lap of the track.

Fortunately Equinix did a tremendous job on supporting their guests as they managed everything from the hotel to catering and even putting up a massage couch for the whole upcoming 24 hours staged in a formular one racing box. It was just great as the race would become a tough challenge against nature itself.

Weather changed quickly from slightly cloudy to atrocious. After two laps of racing it started to rain heavily escorted by fog as the sun set behind the Eifel Mountains. Eventually a nearby thunderstorm would force the responsibles to interrupt the race for several hours. There is a video filmed by rheinahr.tv which gives you an idea about the experience we´ve had there including a group picture of us at 06:50. Enjoy!

Summarized Team portrix had raced a whole of 15 laps donating 390€ to Projekt Schmetterling e.V. Riding in the mountains even if odds are against you due to nasty weather conditions was a great experience so we are looking forward to compete again this year related to the commitment of doing more laps to do even more good in 2014.

Best Regards

Solaris 11

Visiting Oracle OpenWorld this october I´m getting in touch with Solaris 11 for the first time by taking the PreSales Specialist Assessment test and trying out different things on our test server. As beeing someone who has never been involved in system administrations befor it´s quite impressive for me to see, what it´s capable of as Solaris 11 is seemingly automizing many steps which had to be done manually before.