I just received the fantastic news that OTN is recognizing me as an Oracle ACE Director. I feel very honored to be considered part of this special club.

ACEDirectorLogoThe Oracle ACE program awards enthusiasts and community contributors by ackowledging the effort they put into sharing of knowledge. In addition to that the ACE Director designation supports individuals additionally to engage even more with Oracle through regular web conferences with engineering, an annual briefing before OOW and assistance with speaking opportunities. All they are asking for in return are things I enjoy doing anyway: Write the occasional blog post or article about Oracle technologies and speak to and with old and new friends and fellow nerds at conferences to share and spread enthusiasm for technology.

Thanks go out to everyone in this community for giving so much knowledge and motivation to share. You are great friends and I enjoy every meeting at conferences aswell as following you guys on the interwebs. My partners and colleagues at portrix, thank you for providing a platform where innovation and constant learning is encouraged and seen as competetive edge. My parents who are still driving me mad by demanding I come and fix their PCs (they have more than me) every time they accidentally delete “the internet”. According to them, “fixing PCs” is what I studied in college and what I do for a living. And I guess they are not too far off.

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  2. Hey Congrats Bjoern!!! I did not see this post until just now, otherwise I would have congratulated you profusely this week in Denver!!! What a great privilege and recognition of your many contributions to the user community.

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