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Wednesday was the 5th annual OOW blogger meetup, a first one for me and a succesful event since I got to meet interesting people while drinking american beer. Having been in the US for almost 4 weeks now I really got used to poor beer. That is also why I was shocked and disappointed when Alex handed me only a single drink coupon at the beginning of the event. Luckily, that was not the end, OTN and Pythian kept a tab open and provided location, food, t-shirts and prices.

First person I talked to for more than two seconds was Chen Shapira which is pronounced more like Gwen. Pronounciation was also what ended this conversation. Chet Justice / Oraclenerd made fun of her pronounciation of faxing which admittedly sounded like something you should not say in the american public. So I laughed along with Chet and Gwen stopped talking to me for the rest of the night. He was already intoxicated but did not refuse to drink more anchor steam which the waiter was able to distinguish from my fat tire by sniffing the glasses. Fun person and also a highly likely candidate to win the apple tv for the best blog post(s) around this meetup from what I have read so far.
Beer was the theme for the next person I met which was John Piwowar. His last name means brewer (or ‘beer-man’) in most eastern european countries which he did not know about until a couple of years ago. This conversation was ended when I found out that Jake Kuramoto was not from Norway unlike Espen Barroso-Gomez so I could show off my little knowledge of swedish which chased everybody else away. Stanley was nice enough to say hello. I don’t know if he is allergic to beer or bloggers but his skin was all red and weird. I briefly chatted with Amy Wilson (who was the first to introduce herself to me on the way to the party room and Meg Bear who in my opinion has the cutest name in the world. Surprisingly, their blog TalentedApps on human resources and talent management is one of the most interesting ones as I am following up on all these blogs that were really new to me since I don’t read too many on a regular basis. The one that I do read is Richard Foote and I spotted his name on the shirts of many other people but still could not find him. bummer.

Tim Hall has been stalking me all week. I have seen him at least 5 times each day of the conference (and I would not be surprised if he sits next to me on the flight to London) which got me worried so I finally approached him at the meetup. He tried to talk his way out of it, even claiming that it was really me who stalked him. Next, he tried to change the subject to another Tim Hall who was working for Oracle and was receiving a lot of mail that was intended for the other one. I have to assume Tim is stalking that guy aswell.
I cannot remember much about Sunil Ranka and David Haimes but they did sign my t-shirt. These signatures were not enough to win the shirt-signing-contest but that is ok since I tried to not be a signing whore and rather take a few minutes to talk to everybody I met. Also, my bags were already overstuffed after 4 weeks of travelling, shopping and Oracle swag.
Karl Arao has a very german first name for being filipino. He was talking about OracleClosedWorld with a lot of enthusiasm and it is a shame I have not learned about it before because I think I would have loved to join even though I remember to not like the beer at ThirstyBear. But then again: who’d say ‘no’ to free?
Last one on the list is Vanessa Simmons from pythian’s log buffer which I like for its name. Vanessa had an extra ticket for the appreciation event that she gave me so I could take my wife to treasure island. Exa-thanks to Vanessa for this!

5 thoughts on “Bjoern on bloggers

  1. For the record, the IPA at Thirsty Bear is not bad. Though I can’t recall if it was you or Espen who told me I’d made a disgusting choice when I ordered IPA at the meetup. :-) Maybe not such a great recommendation in your case, after all.

    It was nice to meet you; I hope we can do so again next year!


    John P.

  2. yes, that was me. You can drink whatever makes you happy but I have to say I have been bitterly disappointed every time someone talked me into trying an IPA. So last time I swore an oath with my friends to never ever touch that stuff again

  3. Bjorn,

    Don’t worry, Chen/Gwen won’t talk to me either. Though I did make sure I told her I was only messing around. Heck, I can barely speak one language, let alone multiple. ;)

  4. Yep, wasn’t me, I’ve met many IPA’s I’ve loved :)

    But on another note; I’m the one who lives in Norway, while Jake lives in.. Portland, is it?
    (I’m actually Danish, though, but that’s almost the same thing.)

    Nice to meet you guys!

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