Bjoern on blogging

Blogging seems like such a waste of time to me. In my opinion, bloggers are either smart technology evangelists, pony-tailed (ex) CEOs or individuals with too much spare time, too little social life and rarely have anything remotely interesting to share with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, I don’t see myself in the first two categories and yet, I sometimes feel the need to hop on to the web 2.0 bandwagon for fortune and fame in the world wide interweb thingy some people call blogosphere.

So what can be expected to be found at this fine piece of internet real estate? Mostly technology related stuff around Databases, Solaris and server Hardware. Stuff I come across on a regular day at the office. Things that are either uber-cool, not documented elsewhere or make you roll-on-the-floor-laughing. Or things that frustrate me so much that I just have to vent off. Coming to think about it, I could propably fill tons of pages with the last category. And while this is a coroporate blog, this is not so much about promoting my company, our products or services but rather about personal views and opinions.

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