DOAG 2010 day 2

The number of the day is 1. Not like the #1 that Oracle likes to use in marketing but rather 1 as in there was only 1 session that I enjoyed. I am not going to talk about all the disappointments. Jože Senegačnik is fun and easy to listen to and he presented on some research he did on cases where constraints in the database are able to help the Optimizer choose a better plan than without them. One of the takeaways for me was that the optimizer is not going to consider constraints for building exectution plans when using bind variables. But it would also be wrong to switch your applications back to not using bind variables. Also, Tom Kyte would propably hunt you down with a butcher’s knife if you preached that NOT using bind variables is actually a good thing. So in fact the key takeway was (like so often): it depends. But still, this was very interesting.
Due to the lack of good sessions I had plenty of time to walk around the exhibition area of the conference where I met Todd Trichler from OTN and Solaris evangelist Philip Torchinsky.

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