DOAG 2014 review

I had merely 10 hours at home between the end of the 2014 OTN APAC tour and my travel to Nuremberg for this year’s DOAG conference which I picked over the last two OTNAPAC stops in Bangkok and Auckland even though I am sure the weather there would have been much better than what Nuremberg had to offer.

the pragmas at DOAG2014But the DOAG conference is always worth a visit and has constantly been improving over the last few years. It has seen a huge increase in foreign speakers that elavated the level of the content to one of the best conferences worldwide. And it also seems to me that my fellow germans have warmed up much more to the general idea of networking and easy chatting.

Unfortunately most of my conference experience this year was dedicated to “slide polishing” in a quiet corner. They accepted two brand new talks and both slidedecks were in need of some extra last-minute work. In my first presentation I gave an introduction to puppet config management for Linux and Solaris and a bit of a taste of how to enable devops for Oracle databases and managing resources within DBs with a puppet module developed by Bert Hajee. The talk went very well and I was surprised by the rather large audience for a systems topic. Yay!

My second talk was due on the last day of the conference, and I was going to speak about open source and CLI tuning tools for the database. This was scheduled on the big stage in room “Tokyo”. There were bright lights, a simultaneous translator who struggled to keep up with my fast-paced german and quite an audience. I felt like I had so much to cover during this talk that I sped through the first half way too quickly when really I should have spent a lot more time with the demos. In the end, I finished after 30 minutes with 15 minutes to spare in my timeslot. The general feedback seemed to be that it was “very energetic” and noone seemed to be bitter to get to lunch 15 minutes too early. But I will have to work on this issue for my next presentation.

DOAG2014 RACAttack and CloneAttackAfter a big success in 2012 and a pause in 2013 it was time again for RACattack. And this time we also brought along RepAttack with the help of Dbvisit and Dell aswell as CloneAttack run by Kyle Hailey. Attendees had the chance to get their hands dirty on their own laptops and install a 12c RAC cluster, setup logical replication or their own Delphix database clone environment under the guidance of true experts. Unfortunately, the attendance was lower than we had hoped and experienced at past workshows, so either the content of the conference was just too good to miss or we did not properly get the message out. In any case, if you have suggestions on how to improve these hands-on labs, please let us know.

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