find database upgrade dates in AWR

Just a really tiny quick tip. Today I was wondering when exactly we performed upgrades on a particular database. Luckily, there is a view in AWR for that.

SQL> select version, min(startup_time) from dba_hist_database_instance group by version order by 1 desc;

----------------- --------------------------        09-APR-14 AM        16-JAN-13 PM        09-MAY-11 PM        22-JAN-10 PM

3 thoughts on “find database upgrade dates in AWR

  1. I think this depends on if you have all that history in your AWR.

  2. Yes, you are absolutely right. But I try to convince everybody that keeping at least a few old AWR snapshots around for as long as possible is a good idea. So in most of “my” systems we keep snapshots of at least a few hours of a certain day each month forever. Like 2-4pm of each first Tuesday in the month.

    This data will allow you to perform queries like the above or look at the performance of a certain SQL statement historically.

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