good morning San Francisco (5k partner fun run)

About 42 partners got up early today and followed Judson Althoff’s invitation to join him for a 5k run through the streets and hills of San Francisco. I have tried to take part in this event in previous years but this was the first time I actually managed to get up early enough to make it. The hills were taking their toll though as people were too much out of breath to chat with other partners during the run. But it feels really satisfying to have done something before the real start of the day.

There was a little bit of confusion about the route despite several helpers along the way. But I guess at 6AM you really don’t want to make eye contact with people standing around dark street corners yelling at you. You can check the route I took at runkeeper.

But this was not the last sports related activity, the current World Series Champions San Francisco Giants are here with a fan shop and a photo opportunity with the World Series Trophy. And of course, the Oracle Racing team is here aswell, they put up an AC45 in Moscone West and are doing a little bit of exhibition, simulator challenge, tours of the team base here in San Francisco and a session on wednesday about how they used technology to win the America’s cup.

3 thoughts on “good morning San Francisco (5k partner fun run)

  1. Back in 2002, I took a dip in the Bay, I want to do it again. Perhaps one of these upcoming years we can plan a small event like the 5K around it?

    Bonus Points, it’s especially good the day after a lot of drinks. No sweating (good), just swimming a mile or 2 in the Bay.

  2. Yes, it would be loads of fun if we managed to get a small group together for a swim. I was actually thinking about bringing my wetsuit and just go to Aquatic Park. But of course, that is quite a lot of extra luggage for just one small dip.

    I also just received notice that I won a slot for the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, so I will get to swim in the bay even before oow12.

  3. no no no…no wetsuit! swim trunks, goggles, and maybe a swim cap. that’s how you receive the benefits after drinking too much.

    Congrats on Escape…I’ve watched the race on TV a few times, looks daunting (to say the least).

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