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In order to setup an automatic install server, I first needed a running Solaris 11 system. We already have an Oracle VM Cluster with of spare resources. So the easiest way for me to get access to a solaris 11 system was to download a template.

I unzipped the zip-file and stopped my mac from unzipping the included OVM_OracleSolaris11_11-11.tgz – this will have to stay packed for the import. It is quite annoying that Oracle VM does not provide a direct way to upload templates and other files. The only way is to upload the file to an http server, then point the OVM manager to the webserver location and let it download the file from there. Oracle: you could at least simplify this process by offering unpacked versions on your webservers so that I could download directly from you.

After the import you can edit some of the template properties, like the Operating System (was set to unknown by default) and the virtual network to use.

After you have imported the template, cloning a vm is as simple as right-clicking on the template and following the dialog. After starting the VM you have to connect to the VNC console to set up things inside of the VM and I encountered what I think is a bug. VNC asked for a password which should have been ‘oracle’ but it did not work, so I had to find a workaround for that first. When you finally get to the console it is rather easy to set up a default user, passwords and so on.

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