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Even though work life for 2013 is already in full swing for me, I guess it does not hurt to take a moment to look back at and reflect on last year’s blogging activity. So I looked at our piwik stats for last year to find the posts that were read the most and was quite surprised about the result.

In third place was the sum-up of the OpenWorld blogger meetup that was basically a survey of 12c features. With sponsored finger food and beer this was definitely the post that was the most fun to research and the blogger meetup is usually among my favourite events during OOW. It is just a little sad that not too many other bloggers take the challenge too seriously, I would love to read more about it from the others aswell. I guess they are too busy writing about “real technical content”.

Second place goes to the idea of using the (then new) Oracle VM CLI to automate the process of cloning running VMs for backups. I have been to two sessions at the DOAG conference that also talked about the lack of a proper backup solution for OVM and more ideas to script things yourself. This is just another proof that the community and Oracle’s customers are really looking for such a solution.

And finally, the winner and most read and googled for article of 2012 is the one about using the Solaris 11 automated installer without DHCP. This one really surprised me since it was just a tiny little toy-project and I was simply to lazy to configure DHCP in our network segment. But it seems like I am not the only one who enjoys easy installations with AI but does not want to enable DHCP in their datacenters. I did get the chance to talk about this with the product managers behind AI at OpenWorld and one suggestion they made to improve it even further was to replace the publisher with the IP address of your local repository. I have not had the time to verify this yet but what would a new year be without a proper resolution or two.

Another interesting statistic I am looking at is the percentage of visitors to this blog that use IPv6. We started out with about 6% and have made it to 8% by the end of the year. Pretty good, definitely more than I had expected and more than the 1% that google is observing.

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