my (planned) activities for OpenWorld 2011

Only two more weeks until a red wave of Oracle enthusiasts rolls over the city of San Francisco for their annual summit. There will be sessions, demo booths, exhibition halls, beer taps, parties, concerts and so much more. I am getting excited just developing my schedule these days. I already know that at the end, I will be a little sad because as always I will propably not be able to attend all the sessions events that I wanted to. Anyway, here are some highlights of what I will be up to in San Francisco:

First of all, there is my session about Managing Planned Downtime With Oracle RAC. Please come and see if I can show you something new at 2:00 pm, Moscone West room 2001. The rest of the day will be some smaller meetings and the OPN partner lunch and breakout sessions. Sunday night I will attend the welcome keynote and I have to make sure to cheer for Judy Sim when she kicks it all off. I met her in Cascais a few weeks ago ans she was pretty disappointed when I told her that I remembered all the other Sunday night speakers of the last years except for her.
I won’t be able to party too hard at the welcome reception since my plan is to attend the 6:00 AM Monday morning partner fun run on monday morning. I have planned to attend on previous years but I feel like this year I will not simply fly my running shoes across the pond without actually using them.

After a well-needed shower I will head out to the OTN Lounge which will be in the Howard Street tent right in front of the Moscone Center. Jeremy Schneider managed to bring his RAC Attack lab to the event and of course, people from the RAC SIG are more than happy to help out. Bring your own laptop (and ideally an external harddrive) and we will help you walk through a bunch of labs covering everything from basic installation to tuning and maintenance.

“Burning Man” is the motto for OTN Night on Monday and I am very curious as to how this turns out and if the motto means that this party is clothing-optional just like the festival. Tuesday night is the only one without a huge party which was an opportunity to get some rest last year. Not any more. This time I am invited to the German Community Night. For some reason that I cannot recall today, I promised to show up in a white suit, so this should be interesting. After all, I am not someone who breaks a promise.

Wednesday night will start two hours before the appreciation event with the annual blogger meetup. Thanks to Vanessa Simmons who put this event together and still had time to dye her hair. I am looking forward to getting back together with a lot of fun people. While I am still struggling to understand how exactly twitter works, don’t forget to sign in for the OOW twitter list maintained by Chet Justice/oraclenerd. I guess that is something you just do.

From what I have written so far, one might get the impression that this will be all play and no work. But that is not the case. The days are going to be packed with sessions, demos and the occasional visit to the exhibition halls. I have not really looked at the session schedule too much but will sign up for things in the next days and update this blog once I have figured this out myself.

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