new pet project: network install Solaris 11 on Sun Fire T2000

We have an old T2000 Sparc Enterprise server that is not being used in production anymore. So the plan is to make it a Solaris 11 playground and test environment. The first step I took was to install the most current alom firmware. ALOM is quite different from the more modern iLom interfaces that come with all current Sun Servers. According to metalink the firmware was lust updated in May 2012 which impressed me since the server has been EOL since 2009. To install the update you just need to set up an ftp server somewhere and have the flashupdate command download the file from there. With the new firmware I was able to change the Alom access from telnet to SSH. yay.

sc> showhost
Sun-Fire-T2000 System Firmware 6.7.6 2009/10/29 16:06

Host flash versions:
OBP 4.30.4 2009/08/19 07:24
Hypervisor 1.7.3.a 2009/10/29 15:50
POST 4.30.4 2009/08/19 07:47
sc> poweroff
Are you sure you want to power off the system [y/n]? y
SC Alert: SC Request to Power Off Host.

SC Alert: Host system has shut down.

sc> showkeyswitch
Keyswitch is in the NORMAL position.
sc> flashupdate -s -f Sun_System_Firmware-6_7_12-Sun_Fire_T2000.bin
Username: brost
Password: ******

SC Alert: System poweron is disabled.

Update complete. Reset device to use new software.

SC Alert: SC firmware was reloaded
sc> resetsc
Are you sure you want to reset the SC [y/n]? y
User Requested SC Shutdown
sc> Connection closed by foreign host.
sc> setsc if_connection ssh
sc> resetsc

I may have to re-check the raid controller settings on the machine but the real big next step is to install Solaris 11 itself. Of course, I could simply burn an ISO and ship the disc to the data center but that would only be half the fun (and I have no idea if the drive is still working). So instead I will set up an automatic install server. Unfortunately, we do not already have a solaris 11 system in that datacenter which leads to a chicken-egg problem. We do have an Oracle VM cluster and I am downloading a Solaris 11 VM template as I am typing this.

4 thoughts on “new pet project: network install Solaris 11 on Sun Fire T2000

  1. Hi Bjoern,

    Would you tell how long it took to flash the firmware? Because in my case it takes more that an hour, should i wait any more?

    with regards


  2. Shuhrat,

    sorry, but I cannot remember how long it took. Do you see the progressing dots? They act as a sort of progress bar


  3. Thanks for such a quick reply, Bjoern.

    Dots com up a few but after sometime they stop.
    Tried to reboot server and flash different bin file but the result is the same.
    Maybe the problem is with my ftp connection which is only crossover cable b/w T2000 and laptop with FTP service to pull bin file from.

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