OOW day 2 and 3 summary

I have been quite busy these past two days, but nevertheless want to give a brief update on my activities. Monday started with a little quiz session by Steven Feuerstein. It was a fun and easy way to present various PL/SQL features but some of them were beyond my scope of PL/SQL programming. Still fun. Also, Steve annouced that he will give special prices away at the PL/SQL challenge for OpenWorld attendees. I have been playing this quiz for a while now (best place was #98 in Week 33) and really hope I did well these last few days.
Then I had time to prepare for and present my session. After that I spent an hour catching up with emails and getting a first glimpse at the exhibition and OTN lounge. There, two ladies were doing a usability study on the Oracle website. They wanted to hear feedback, critique and I was more than happy to deliver. I was amazed that they could actually keep up with everything I had to say about their website.
The OTN night party is traditionally held on Monday. This year, it was outside in the Yerba Buena gardens. I could not resist playing all their pinball machines and had a couple of beers along with that. My favourite moment was when I asked people in a super-long line who the guy giving autographs was. I thought it was ‘that gay guy from the apple commercials’ but it turned out to be olympist Apolo Ohno. oops.

Tuesday started with a brief visit to the JavaONE exhibition space. Booth babes led me to a nice conversation with the guys from jrebel. This was followed by an excellent presentation of Maria Colgan titled “Explaining the explain plan”. I gave a similar presentation for a customer about a year ago and wanted to see if there was anything to add to this. I did not learn an awful lot of new things but it was a good presentation. Unlike the next one on “Best practices for updating Solaris”. It did not have any new information for me and I just could not stand listening to how great their support was since my recent experience with Oracle support has not been the best.

So I had some more time to check out the exhibition area and this turned out to be a good idea. I talked to a lot of people at the Oracle demogrounds. They have experts and tiny little demos on almost all aspects of their products: hardware, solaris, database, middleware – everything. And all the engineers are friendly and eager to answer all your questions. I could spend all my conference time at the demogrounds. Some of the other exhibitors were good, too, and I left with a full bag of swag to take back to the office.

The day ended with me almost winning google’s lego challenge and a JavaONE keynote by Tom Kyte on new features and products for developers. It looks like I missed a lot of new features in JDeveloper and have to play around with it a lot in the days to come.

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