OOW ex(a)perience Day 1

So Oracle OpenWorld is definitely on. Got up early today to pick up badge. Unfortunately, my mobile check-in did not work, and standing underneath huge banners that tell how great Oracle is and how the most mission critical companies in the world trust it, it was explained to me that apparently the check-in servers were not designed for hundreds of people trying to check in at the same time =) No big problem though.
Next was the meeting with the RAC SIG board members. It was really nice to get to know everybody in person and I am excited to see what we will be able to do within the next year.
I went on to the OPN lunch which was held on the 4th floor of the metreon, overlooking Yerba Buena gardens. I had a good conversation with a bunch of Oracle partners and resellers both from europe and the US. It was a relieve to learn that american partners are struggling with the same issues and worries concerning the merger as us.
Next on the agenda was the OPN Forum’s general session and EMEA regional breakout. Other than being able to see a ton of Oracle executives this was rather uninteresting. One thing is certain though: I cannot hear the words Exadata and Specialization any more. They stressed more than once that they are going to give special recognition to specialized partnes and announced the launch of ‘advanced specialization’ and the new diamond partner level.
After that I attended the Oracle RAC SIG expert panel hosted by Sergio del Rio where a bunch of Oracle employees from product management and RAC pack answered questions from the audience. I liked the concept of the session, the questions were good and the experts’ answers were also great.
The keynote room at moscone north was completely filled before I got there so I went up to Mason street and the Hilton’s grand ballroom which turned out to be a great idea because not only were they streaming the keynote but they also served food and booze.
So Larry’s keynote was preceded by a 5 minute video summary of last america’s cup and then he stepped up and unveiled the new Exalogic device which seems to be an appliance that provides a cloud computing platform by bundling 30 x64 servers, storage, infiniband networking and Oracle VM. He then went on announcing that they will introduce another kernel as an option for OEL. I have not counted it but he said ‘Red Hat’ a lot again…
Exciting stuff and I cannot wait to learn more about this even though I do not agree with everything Larry said.

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