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This is it! The challenge for this year’s blogger meetup was to produce a video of the meetup, and without giving it much thought I just filmed everyone who got in front of my phone and asked them to do silly stuff or answer random questions. While putting together a brief trailer with iMovie was really quick and simple, adding the rest of the material for a “proper” video proved to be much more time consuming. I spent quite a few nights cutting clips, rearranging stuff, synchronizing to music etc. But I loved the process since I love everyone in this film and did not mind seing the same clips over and over again. I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I did making it and being in San Francisco with this unbelievably energetic and smart crowd.

60 bloggers and/or community contributors made it into the video, I am sorry I did not manage to film everyone but I am quite happy with the number. In order of appearance:

Alex Gorbachev as @alexgorbachev
Gwen Shapira as @gwenshap
Vanessa Simmons as @pythiansimmons
John Scott as @aejes
Alex Nuijten as @alexnuijten
Marc Fielding as @mfild
Ole Voss as @olevos
Mogens Nørgaard as @mnorgaard
Danny Bryant as @dbcapoeira
Paul Vallée as @paulvallee
Elise Valin-Raki as Non-Tweep
Gurcan Orhan as @gurcan_orhan
Kai Yu as @yukai1235
Ittichai C. as @ittichai Ivo Dujmovic as @ivo2d
Heli Helskyaho as @HeliFromFinland
Christina Anderson as @PythianJobs
Jason Arneil as @jarneil
Steve Karam as @OracleAlchemist
Bobby Curtis as @dbasolved
Martin Nash as @mpnsh
Cary Millsap as @CaryMillsap
Eric Grancher as @EricGrancher
Marco Gralike as @mgralike
Lillian Buziak as @oracleace
Syed Jaffer Hussain as @sjaffarhussain
Ludovico Caldara as @ludovicocaldara
Seth Miller as @Seth_M_Miller
Björn Rost as @brost
Bradd Piontek as @piontekdd
Andrey Goruynov as @goryunov
Doug Burns as @orcldoug
Vit Spinka as @vitspinka
Ben Prusinski as @benprusinski
Roland Smart as @rsmartly
Suk Kim as 김재벌의 IT 이야기
Margherita Morle as @MargeMorle
Connor McDonald as @connor_mc_d
Roel Hartman as @RoelH
Kyle Hailey as @kylehailey
Tim Gorman as @timothyjgorman
Yury Velikanov as @yvelik
Gregory Guillou as @GregoryGuillou
Leighton Nelson as @leight0nn
Kent Graziano as @kentgraziano
Chris Buckel as @flashdba
Jeremiah Wilton as @oradebug
Christel Bekkum as @ChristelBekkum
Graham Wood as @OracleGraham
Arjen Visser as @dbvisit
Mark Bobak as @mbobak
Øyvind Isene as @OyvindIsene
Vikki Lira as @oracleace
Rene Antunez as @grantunez
James Morle as @JamesMorle
Henning Voss as @hvoss
Laura Ramsey as @OracleDBDev
Cassandra Clark as @oracletechnet
Dina Blaschczok as @DinaBlaschczok
David Haimes as @dhaimes
Debra Lilley as @debralilley
Daniel McGhan as @dmcghan
Karl Arao as @karlarao

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