Oracle acronym madness

I delivered a private RAC training class a few weeks ago and one of the things I was asked during introductions was to limit the amount of weird acronyms to a minumum. “OK”, I said and thought, there are maybe a handful of three-letter abbreviations that I’ll be using but they should not be more than a dozen. To check on myself, I made a point of writing down most of the acronyms I used together with their meaning. I was more than surprised to have collected more than 50 of these after just two days. Crazy.

Anyway, here is the list, maybe the translations will be helpful to those poor souls that are getting in contact with Oracle database technology for the first time and need to figure out WTH everyone else is talking about.

ADR	Automatic Diagnostic Repository
ADRCI	ADR command interpreter
AMM	Automatic Memory Management
ASM	Automatic Storage Management
ASMCA	ASM Configuration Assistant
ASSM    Automatic Segment Space Management
ATONTRI	Ask The Other Node To Reboot Itself
CKPT	Checkpoint, Koordinator, schreibt Control Files
CRS	Cluster Ready Services
CRSCTL	cluster control ?
CSS	Cluster Synchronization Service
CVU	Cluster Verification Utility
DBCA	DataBase Configuration Assistant
DBWRn	Database Writer
DP	Direct Path
DWH	Data Warehouse
EM	Enterprise Manager
EM12c	Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control
FAN	Fast Application Notification
FCF	Fast Connection Failover
GCS	Global Cache Service
GES	Global Enqueue Service
GRD	Global Resource Directory
HA	High Availability
HBA	Host Bus Adapter (FC)
IOPS	IO per second
LBA	Load Balancing Advisory
LGWR	Log Writer
LMT     Locally Managed Tablespace
MMNL	Manageability Monitor Light
MMON	Manageability Monitor
MOS	My Oracle Support (metalink)
MTTR	Mean Time To Recovery
NETCA	Network Configuration Assistant
NIC	Network Interface Card
NUMA	Non Uniform Memory Access
OCFS	Oracle Cluster FileSystem
OLTP	Online Transaction Processing
ONS	Oracle Notification Service
OUI	Oracle Universal Installer
PI	Past Image
PMON	Process Monitors
RAC	Real Application Cluster
RMAN	Recovery Manager
SAME	Stripe And Mirror Everything
SCN	System Change Number
SGA	Shared/System Global Area
SI	Single Instance
SMON	Server Monitor
SQL	Structured Query Language
SRVCTL	server control ?
SSD	Solid State Disk
STONITH	Shoot The Other Node In The Head
TAF	Transparent Application Failover
TNS	Transparent Network Substrate
UCP	Universal Connection Pool
VIP	Virtual IP address

If you are hungry for more (yet non-oracle) acronyms, check out the song MFG by the german hip hop band Die Fantastischen Vier.

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