Oracle related podcasts worth listening to

My morning commute consists of a lot of traffic and I like to spend my time listening to all kinds of podcasts. Of course, I also tried most (if not all) of Oracle’s podcasts. Two of them stayed subscribed and I’d like to mention them here.

Servers, Storage, and Solaris talks about all aspects of former SUN products like sparc and x86 servers and blade systems, virtualization, Solaris and Storage technology. Some of them seem a little bit scripted by marketing people but it is still great to listen to engineers and product managers talk about their products.

The other one that stuck is Oracle Technology Network TechCasts. In this well-produced podcast series, Justin Kestelyn interviews or introduces people highly involved and enthusiastic with Oracle technology. Since OTN covers the whole array of products from hardware to applications, some of the topics may not be of interest to everybody. But the ones that cover interesting topics are full of valuable information and fun to listen to.

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