Oracle Support proactive about “broken” patch download

Last week I was quick to download the latest patch for Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure version 3.4.1 on the same day it was released. It installed just fine and fixed some issues of a previous version. Also, we were in the process of upgrading a customer anyway.
On the next day, I received an email by VDI product manager Andy Hall telling us (and propably everyone else who downloaded this version in 24 hours it has been available) that they discovered an issue with the installer in some setups and warned about those difficulties. He even followed up when they released the improved version of the patch a bit later and confirmed that our system was not affected anyway.

Now while I would love to live in a perfect world where every software ever released is free of bugs, I have to say I was very impressed with the way Oracle handled this issue. Instead of letting customers and partners find this out by themselves and/or simply releasing yet another new version or patch they engaged us directly, honestly and proactively.

Do you have similar stories to share?

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