OTN APAC tour day 0

I am excited. This is the first OTN tour that I am participating in since becoming an ACE Director earlier this year. There are a few of these tours every year where a group of ACE Directors and other speakers visit a few conferences or special one-day events in a region back to back. The goal is to promote Oracle technology to the local user communities and get technical content to the attendees. The tour starts with a day in Auckland, New Zealand, then the two day INSYNC conference in Perth before heading to the northern hemisphere to Japan and two stops in China. Unfortunately, I am only able to join for the Australian and NZ stops in order to be back in time for the annual DOAG conference later this month.

It really does help that I enjoy flying quite a lot since it is a long way from germany to auckland. 26 hours all-in. But I was actually able to use most of it to work and update (or create) my slide decks. I appreciate this time without the permanent threat of ringing phones, flooding email inboxes or getting sucked into smalltalk (which is nice but sometimes too much of a distraction) with coworkers.

I am writing this on my last leg from Melbourne to Auckland where I will be picked up by Arjen Visser and I am very much looking forward to seeing a familiar face. Then it is off to the hotel to polish the last slides and getting a decent amount of sleep before a speaking marathon on Friday where I will be presenting three sessions. Each of them cover a different aspect from development, system administration and database administration so I hope that each attendee will at least find one of my presentations interesting.

The first one is called “Tackling Time Troubles”. I have presented this at a UKOUG developer SIG once and it is a collection of nice-to-knows and best practices (actually more examples of bad practices) around dealing with dates and timestamps, timezones and daylight saving time changes.
The second session is brand new (and not 100% done yet) and discusses the unique features of Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris for database workloads. The challenge here is to walk the fine line between highlighting the features and drawing a conculusion in comparing Solaris with Linux.
The last session is my presentation about setting up RAC for planned (and unplanned) downtime where I introduce the mechanisms that are needed between an application and a cluster database to achieve true high availability. We will touch services, load balancing, connection pools and the new 12c feature application continuity. Tariq Farooq and Peter Sharman are dividing the remaining 5 slots between them so it should really make for an interesting day with topics from all over the Oracle technology stack.

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