OTN APAC tour day 1

The day started way too early for me when my body decided that 3am NZ time feels like the middle of the day back home. Fortunately though this country has great coffee and by the time the OTN day started at the campus of the University of Auckland I had already downed 5 espresso beverages. It was great to see Tariq Farooq and Pete Sharman so soon again after OpenWorld and I got to meet Francisco Munoz Alvarez in person for the first time. The audience had a few familiar faces with DBvisit’s Anton Els (who had presented a webcast himself earlier that day) and Mike Donovan who I had met at Collaborate and OpenWorld earlier this year.
The day went really well and Kiwis are either incredibly polite or they did like the presentations. There was some good interaction and smart questions from an engaged audience. In the evening we were treated to a nice dinner right next to the America’s Cup village where war stories and laughs were exchanged.

Saturday is a chance to explore New Zealand a bit and get some work done (the workweek is still not over in europe, time zones are fascinating) before heading over to Perth on Sunday. Also hoping and waiting for Anton to confirm going to a small local running event for a 5k or 10k on Sunday morning.


OTN APAC tour New Zealand dinner

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