OTN Grid Computing Thread of the Month

I have been hanging around at OTN’s grid computing forums for quite a while now. I enjoy reading about other people’s problems with RAC technology, learn from the advice of other smart DBAs and draw some satifcation from helping out others in those areas I feel confident about.
And while the grid computing part of the OTN message board is rather small (compared to ‘Database/general’ for example) it is still enough to keep you occupied for a while when reading all threads. That’s why I came up with the idea of compiling a list with my favourite thread(s) each month. Please bear in mind that I do not claim any authority, a fair rating system or even having read all threads. I am not affiliated with OTN, just another fellow member. These are just my favourites, nothing more. There is no reward or benefit in being listed here. The only thing I can offer for those that contribute to my monthly favourites is to buy you a beer if you manage to track me down at a conference or SIG meeting.
I thought this would be easy and fun until I got to actually pick a single great thread. Anyway, this is what I came up with for the month of October:

ASM benefit in SAN environment is quite a general discussion about why you might prefer ASM over raw partitions or filesystems and scratches on the surface of recommendations for a good stripe size. I also liked the fact that quite a few people participated, a lot of the other threads are really mostly two-way discussions.

Another great answer was given in “Possible Splitbrain scenario” where Syed Zaheer links to an excellent series of articles on OCR mirroring by Geert De Paep.

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