OTN LA Tour 2015: Guatemala

Guatemala was one of the shorter stops on the OTN Latin America tour. We arrived on midday on Sunday, spent all day Monday at the conference and left again on tuesday morning. In all of the cities we visited they closed the main streets on Sundays so that pedestrians and cyclists could enjoy the city without the risk of getting run over by cars. I used this opportunity for a run through the city and was rewarded with nice views and busy streets with people working out, walking their dogs or simply enjoying the street vendors for fruit, burritos and other local fare.
Deiby Gomez and others from the user group took us out to a local restaurant where we also met Dan and enjoyed very traditional local food. Heli and I both had a fish dish consisting of shrimp tamales, a whole fried fish and a gigantic fish soup with more shrimps, mussels, crab and snails. Yummy but way too much to finish.

otnlatour_guatemalaThe conference on the next day was huge. The user group had to cap the registration at 500 attendees because they already hit capacity which could be seen on packed rooms and felt even more at the very long lunch line. They even provided translators so that even people with only basic english skills could follow the presentations of the international speakers. I loved it and made sure not to speak too quickly. And judging by the relaxed smile of my translator I succeeded in doing so. Tons of pictures were taken after the closing session, a part I always enjoy. It is all fun as long as no selfie sticks are involved.

Organizers and speakers shared dinner at a driving range where we could show off our golf skills or rather the lack thereof. My arms still hurt a few days after the event but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. Deiby opened a celebratory bottle of local Zacapa rum (to which I would never say no) and thanked the volunteers and speakers for their efforts in helping this usergroup grow to this success so quickly.

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