OTN LA Tour 2015: San Jose, Costa Rica – pura vida!

As I am currently sitting on a plane flying over lush rainforests and impressive volcanoes between Guatemala and El Salvador I realize that this almost marks the halfway point of the nothern leg of this year’s OTN tour of Latin America and I yet have to write a review about it.

San Jose Costa RicaAfter a long layover in Newark between two even longer flight legs I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica, two days before the conference there. A small angel and diablo inside my head were fighting out wether I should follow Edward to the rain forest of the Arenal volcano or if I should just take it easy, adjust to the location and time zone and put some work in. A decision I am still regretting as I would have loved to get out of the capital city to experience the great gifts of nature that Costa Rica has to offer. The time flew by and I was excited to reconnect with my old friends Edward (and his lovely fiance Dawn) and Alex at the conference hotel the night before the event. I also met Bruno Borges from Brazil and we all shared guaro drinks, stories and a traditional tico meal. Pura Vida!

Edward Roske in Costa RicaIt was showtime the next morning when we met the local organizers and Francisco who opened the day with a talk about Oracle VM in spanish. I have seen it before (in english) and could follow pretty well. I was also very proud that I could order my breakfast omelette with all the ingredients I like completely in spanish. yay for me! I was impressed with the large audienece of several hundreds for such a small country and delivered two presentations to an engaged crowd. I sat in Edwards session about Big Data which I had already seen a number of time on the 2014 MENA tour but this presentation will never get old for me and I highly recommend it to anybody who gets the chance to see him. I also sat in a session on hyperion and even though the product is pretty far from my area of knowledge it was still interesting to hear about it.

I had some time for a short stroll through the historic downtown the next morning before a long and congested ride to the airport full of even more lines. We just made the flight and were on our way to Mexico City.

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