OVDC 1.2 for iPad released

OVDC 1.2 update iTunesWithout much fanfare, an update to the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for Oracle VDI or Sun Ray servers showed up on iTunes today. Version 1.2 promises improvements with the user interface, new gestures, higher screen resolutions, clipboard support to copy text between OVDC and the iPad aswell as dynamic session resizing to automatically change the resolution when you rotate the iPad from landscape to portrait mode.

The APP itself now only displays a single window that allows you to enter a server IP or the option for autodiscovery. All other settings (like MTU size, auto resize, screen resolution and keyboard language) are now hidden away in a separate configuration menu in the iPad’s Settings App. My only complaint with this is that you can only change the MTU in increments of 100, so if you have to compensate for IPsec headers, you’ll have to change the MTU all the way to 1400.

OVDC 1.2 settings OVDC 1.2 mtu settings

The gestures make pretty good sense now (have so since the last version actually), pinching zooms, double-tap simulates a right click and dragging with two fingers emulates a mouse-wheel. Three fingers bring up the keyboard or menues when dragging right or down.

OVDC start screenwindows on ipad

Clipboard support and dynamic resize require VDI version 3.4 and some extra configuration. Unfortunately, the server I got to play with tonight was still at 3.3 so I could not test these features right now.

Overall, the app is easy to use and the performance and user experience is surprisingly good, even when tethered to slow (and high latency) mobile networks. Working with a full desktop on a touch device (without a mouse) is still a bit of a challenge (I would not want to do a lot of heavy office work for example) but I guess this is as good as it gets.

UPDATE 01/31/2013: Chris Kawalek blogged about the release today and mentioned that the OVDC for Windows, Linux and Mac has also been updated. And the long-awaited and asked for Android port of the OVDC client for tables has been released, too. This allows access to VDI or Sun Ray environments from any Sun Ray, Windows, Linux or Mac based fat client and iPad or Android tabled.

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