RAC SIG webinar

I am going to talk about setting up your application for Oracle RAC in a webinar for the RAC SIG on thursday on 9am Pacific / 6pm CEST.

Real Application Clusters are not just about avoiding unplanned downtime. They also help a lot with planned maintenance like hardware and operating updates and rolling patches. With the right setup, administrators do not need to get up for maintenance windows in the middle of the night to apply patchsets anymore. Using the right planning and strategy, routine tasks can be dealt with while the database is up and running. This presentation walks through the proper setup of applications, implementation of services and shows how perform maintenance in such a way that applications and end users do not even notice.

You can download the slides here.

2 thoughts on “RAC SIG webinar

  1. Actually Oracle does have its own Linux distribution that is caelld . It’s based on Red Hat but with support for Oracle Cluster File System and as far as I have seen almost bug-free.And there is a big difference between Oracle and Microsoft: Oracle doesn’t force you to use products that suck. Everybody knows that Oracle is renowned for its performance and security and you always have alternatives if Oracle isn’t for you.

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