RACAttack hands-on workshop at OUGF in Finland

A bunch of RACAttack Ninjas are once again gathering to deliver an installfest workshop as part of the OUGF Harmony conference in Helsinki. Attendees can bring their own laptops and with some instructions and the help of experiences RAC DBAs will setup a 12c RAC Cluster on a red stack (Oracle Linux and Oracle VM VirtualBox). Or simply drop by to work together with someone else or network and engage in some geek talk.

RACattack OUGFRAC Attack isn’t just about RAC. During the workshop you learn how to setup one of the most complex infrastructures on your laptop. You learn how to configure and clone virtual machines, how to create and setup internal and external virtual networks, create different storage types, setup a local DNS server and other challenging components.

After this workshop you have enough knowledge to setup a test/sandbox environment for virtually any product.

You can find us on Thursday from 12:00 to 16:00 in Lappish Kota 1. In addition there will also be a RAC Attack hacking session in a traditional finnish sauna later that day, you do not want to miss this! The title of this hot mini-session: “Why size does matter but bigger is not always better”. And if all goes well we will also be able to give you a sponsored souvenir (more on that later).

To participate in the workshop, participants need to bring their own laptop. Please check the minimum hardware requirements and download at least the grid and database installers ahead of time. You are also encouraged to bring your favourite Humppa song!

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