Speaking in San Francisco again

I was extremely excited to learn that Oracle invited me to speak at the Oracle OpenWorld conference again in 2011. It is the largest event for Database professionals and in combination with JavaOne attracts more than 42.000 professionals to come to the beatiful city of San Francisco each fall. It is a week of learning through more interesting sessions than anyone could fit into their schedule, a chance to interact with Oracle engineers at the demogrounds and exhibition halls and of course a lot of networking with old and meeting new friends at many great parties like the famous OTN night and the appreciation event which is going to feature Sting and Tom Petty and the heartbreakers. But there are also a ton of fun smaller events like the blogger meetup and OPN partner activties aswell.

My presentation will cover how Real Application Clusters can be used make planned downtime more pleasant for everybody involved. With the right preperation, setup and practice, a lot of maintenance work does not need to be performed during late night or weekend windows. A lot of these techniques and preperations also apply to unplanned downtime due to hardware failure but from my experience that is much less likely to occur than patching the database or operating system or swapping hardware parts. So I will be talking about how to set up database services, drivers and connection pool and explain what to avoid in your application development. I am also planning to include a live demo. Not just because I strongly believe in the power of real numbers, code snippets and demos but also because this introduces excitement because so much more can go wrong.

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