stay in shape during Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Just four more weeks until the ultimate geekfest kicks off in San Francisco. Over these past years, a few sporty side-activities have emerged and it seems like some of them are becoming quite a tradition. So in case you missed things on twitter or facebook, this is your guide on how to stay (or become) fit during the OpenWorld week.

Golden Gate BridgeSunday, 9/22/2013 08:00AM: Golden Gate Bridge fun run

Join SQL Developer product manager Jeff Smith and others for an easy jog over the Golden Gate Bridge and back. The distance is about 5-6k (3.5mi) and you should expect a very easy pace, this is not a race. Sign up with this facebook group to let people know you want to participate and also to arrange sharing a ride. If you are too cheap for a taxi and/or simply enjoy running, you can join me and run from Union Square to the Bridge and back. It is an additional 8k either way so the total will be about a half marathon. Meet me on Union Square at 7:00AM or be at the south end of the bridge by 8:00.

SF Aquatic ParkMonday, 9/23/2013 07:30AM: OpenWorld Swim in the Bay

There is no better way to start a conference day other than a refreshing swim in San Francisco Bay. About 20 daring nerds went into the water last year and had a blast. You will feel refreshed, I promise. The lagoon at aquatic park protects against the currents of the bay and has a nice little beach. There are a couple of buoys marking the distance but the experience is more important than the yards and everyone who goes in the water is a champion. Again, there is a facebook group to sign up. Expect some very exclusive swag, a hot coffee and ultimate bragging rights for the whole week. Meeting point is on the beach at aquatic park, next to the dolphin club at 7:30. In case you are still not convinced: Here is oraclenerd’s report from last year.

Friday, 9/27/2013: Hills and Highway 1 bike ride

We’ll be picking up rental bikes for the weekend after OOW in Los Altos on friday and take them out for a ride. The rough plan is to ride at an easy pace from Los Altos over the hills to the beach and Highway 1 (80-100km, 50-55mi) and end up in the Santa Cruz area. Ole will drive a support van with water and some food and also pick us back up in Santa Cruz and give us a ride back to silicon valley. Let me know if you are interested and we can help with bike rental and logistics.

Sunday, 9/29/2013: Santa Cruz Triathlon

All is well that ends well and this OpenWorld trip will surely end in a big bang as I am planning to go all out at the Santa Cruz Triathlon together with Sten Vesterli and Henning. You can still sign up for this olympic distance event and if the whole shabang is not your cup of tea, they also offer relays.

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