Sun Ray 3 just arrived

I have ordered a few of the brand new Sun Ray 3 devices for our lab and internal development. When I opened the box I first thought they must have forgotten something. SUN would have shipped three seperate boxes. One for the Ray, one for the keyboard and mouse and another one for the localized power cord. But this shipment had only one box, looking like it could very well hold a family size pizza.
Inside was no pizza but the device with all peripherals and power cord. This is propably the first real big improvement since Oracle took over Sun which I could actually see and touch.
Setup was just as easy as expected, it feels like videos (flash from youtube) plays a little smoother than on the older devices but I cannot back that up with scientific evidence yet. And while we were playing around with the new toys, we also enabled ipv6 on our server which was quite easy since the Sun Ray server has had a v6 address for quite a while now. All we needed to do is switch on v6 on our shared subnet and perform a (warm) restart of the server

/opt/SUNWut/sbin/utadm -m both

Since we also always use the GUI firmware on our rays, we were able to simply switch the Rays to v6. We still have to work out some kinks though. Some of the devices keep rebooting every minute when set to v6 and the whole startup cycle or initial connect appears to be a bit longer than with ipv4.

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