VNC Console password broken in Oracle VM 3.1.1?

I have seen this come up several in our OVM system recently: Machines installed from Oracle Templates asking for a password when connecting via the VNC console in OVM manager. I cannot remember needing a password for these machines when we were still at 3.0, so I am assuming this was introduced with the 3.1.1 upgrade.
Anyway, the VNC Console would ask for a password which should simply be ‘oracle’ from the documentation (you really need to RTFM after all) but that password did not do it for us just like empty password and so on. I also could not find a way to set or unset this in the admin GUI. A little search on the interwebs led me to a thread at the OTN forums which discussed a similar (or even the same?) problem in version 2.2.2. The workaround (or even half of it) did work for me aswell:

Find the appropriate vm.cfg file in /OVS/Repositories/SOMELONGUUID/VirtualMachines/YOURMACHINESUUID/ and uncomment the line vncpasswd=’oracle’.

vncunused = '1'
uuid = '0004fb00-0006-0000-cc64-641c6479d151'
on_reboot = 'restart'
#vncpasswd = 'oracle'
cpu_weight = 27500
pae = 1
memory = 1024
cpu_cap = 0
maxvcpus = 1

Curious to learn if we are the only onces experiencing this (and why) or if other setups have these issues aswell.

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