First ever APEX Hackathlon at #doag2016

It al started with an idea I picked up at Cebit 2016.
There was this big event where students from all over the world joined together in an event where they coded in a race towards fortune and fame. At least, this was how it was presented…

schermafbeelding-2016-10-18-om-11-39-44What they can do, we also can do… And in the end perhaps even make it bigger and better!! With Oracle APEX: #letswreckthistogether !
But, let’s at least begin, and so we did. Continue reading

Quick look inside linux ‘top’ for APEX

Imagine… you’re a SysAdmin…
Imagine… you’re “terminal schooled”…
And you are running Oracle Application Express

You want to be able to support your APEX-team by helping them diagnose performance-related issues, but all you have is good, old ‘top‘ to get you some insight… Continue reading