First ever APEX Hackathlon at #doag2016

It al started with an idea I picked up at Cebit 2016.
There was this big event where students from all over the world joined together in an event where they coded in a race towards fortune and fame. At least, this was how it was presented…

schermafbeelding-2016-10-18-om-11-39-44What they can do, we also can do… And in the end perhaps even make it bigger and better!! With Oracle APEX: #letswreckthistogether !
But, let’s at least begin, and so we did.

At APEX Connect 2016, I joined up with Sabine Heimsath, Niels de Bruijn, Martin Giffy D’Souza, Dietmar Neugebauer and Michael Hichwa for breakfast. What an amazing place to start, right!
And yes, it was then and there that we decided to give this a go and launch the first ever ‘APEX hackathlon’ at the DOAG Schulungstag, immediately after the DOAG Conference in November 2016.
Because of the setup during the DOAG Schulungstag, this event is aimed at getting students involved in APEX development, as the new cool and happening technology it is.

Based on a specific theme, a real-life quest, and based on an existing data-model, competitors can start coding an application in Oracle Application Express.
The big prize will be… fortune and fame… as the winning group gets to present their application at APEX Connect 2017 in Berlin!

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